Presentation – what exactly was the UNWCC?

We’ve recently had requests for a greater range of teaching and presentation material to be put up on our website, which, at present, is fairly heavily focused on old archival documents. While these are useful, sorting through old pdfs made from seventy-year-old microfilm can get a bit tiring (not to mention tough on your eyes!), so we’re also making available some of the presentations that members of the project have given at various events and lectures over the past few years. First up is a Powerpoint presentation – produced early in the UNWCC research project’s history – introducing the UNWCC to an unfamiliar audience, and originally delivered by Shanti Sattler and Dr Dan Plesch. It can be found here.

The project has a had a busy few days this past week, with our director Dr Dan Plesch presenting at a range of panels and to various groups in the Netherlands. We’ll be uploading some of the lecture materials – including a series of briefs on the UNWCC’s work in the Netherlands and Yugoslavia that contain new research, fresh from the archives – over the next few days, so stay tuned!